Unified communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is a technological approach designed to simplify and improve communication within a company. Here's a simple explanation of how it works, its benefits and the issues it addresses:

How does it work?

A single system. This includes instant messaging, voice, video, email and more. These tools are accessible from a single point, usually an application on the user's computer or smartphone. They are also synchronized, which means you can easily switch from one mode of communication to another (for example, from instant messaging to video conferencing) without interruption.

Advantages and benefits

  1. Improved efficiency: Employees can communicate more quickly and effectively, speeding up decision-making and problem-solving.

  2. Reduced costs: UC can reduce communication costs by consolidating tools into a single system and enabling remote communication.

  3. Increased mobility: Employees can access communication tools from anywhere, promoting remote working and flexibility.

  4. Enhanced collaboration: UC facilitates collaboration by enabling file sharing and virtual meetings.

  5. Enhanced user experience: Users benefit from a seamless experience thanks to integrated tools.

Integrated Communication addresses three main business challenges

  1. Productivity: It improves productivity by facilitating communication and collaboration between employees.

  2. User experience: It aims to provide an optimal user experience by making communication more fluid and accessible.

  3. Remote working: UC meets the growing needs of remote working by offering flexible communication tools.

Integration CRM

Surprisingly simple, rich integration functions

One-click dialing

Dial faster and with fewer errors. Don't waste time dialing phone numbers - a single click is all it takes to call directly from your CRM when reviewing prospects or contacts.

Automatic call logging

Automatic call logging makes manual data entry a thing of the past. Your call data will be synchronized with your CRM in real time, so you can keep track of every conversation.

Live call pop-ups

Get instant caller information with live pop-ups that display your contacts' profile and history every time your customers call you.

New contact creation

Automatically create a new contact for any incoming call from an unknown number, and simply complete the new contact's profile during the call.

Unified Communications

Take advantage of all the advanced features of the Yeastar PBX system to facilitate call management, team collaboration and mobility: IVR, call recording, Linkus UC Client...

Comprehensive prospect management

Optimize staff and customer interactions with all tools and data in one platform - call handling, customer details and history, eliminating tedious work.